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GOP Moving to Seward

The Republican Party of Minnesota is moving to Seward. According to MinnPost, the GOP’s headquarters will be relocating on January 31st to 2200 E. Franklin Avenue (Pizza Luce building).

Party chair Keith Downy told MinnPost that the reasoning behind the move is both financial (rent is a third less expensive than their current location near the Capitol) and strategic.

He commented, ““We are trying to send a signal that’s real and substantive. Frankly our ideas and solutions are right for new American immigrants, people struggling with employment, and students.”

Thanks to a post this morning by Peter Fleck on the Seward e-Democracy website about the upcoming move.

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  1. Mike Francesa says:

    I’m sure the knee jerk reaction from most liberals is that this is bad for seward. Even the tone of the article suggests such. Attention property owners, this is likley the best thing that could happen to the neighborhood, small business owners might act like this is bad – but in reality a stronger GOP presence will actually do some good. I’m sure the workers at Seward Cafe won’t mind the tips they will be receiving

  2. Candace Carlson says:

    Tell me that when Michelle Bachman shows up. I am sure she really likes immigrants, gays and anyone.

  3. Candace Carlson says:

    How about Rush. He’s really tolerant too.

  4. jayne says:

    Diversity love it or leave it.

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