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Kicking Around on Second-Hand Row, Part 1

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By Kari Cornell, guest writer

This is part one in a two part series on Second-Hand Row, an emerging vintage shopping district on Minnehaha Avenue. Look for the second part in the series on Monday.

If you’re out and about any weekend between Thanksgiving and Christmas, take a drive down Minnehaha Avenue and stop by a few of the many secondhand shops that have cropped up over the past year. Shop owners are working together to bring an eclectic notoriety to the avenue, which they’ve nicknamed “Second-Hand Row.” Here’s a virtual tour of the shops you’ll find along the way.

E’s Emporium, 40th and Minnehaha
Stepping through the door of E’s Emporium is like taking a trip back to the 1950s, 60s, and 70s. The unique collection of furniture, accessories, dishes, and other household items has been artfully curated and arranged by owner Ella Ritzman and Libby Hegtvedt, E’s creative director. The layout of the shop is fantastically labyrinthian, spanning the entire first floor of a house and the attached storefront next door. Meander through the brightly colored rooms and you’re likely to lose yourself in the fun displays and charming details. “Sometimes people come in the door with a completely sour face, and by the time they leave they tell me this has completely turned their day around,” Ritzman explains, “I love that.”

Don’t miss the umbrellas suspended from the ceilings, the great vintage lamps, and Ritzman’s own collection of whimsical hats, which she has been making and selling since 1989. E’s Emporium, which opened in March 2012, is the place to look for vintage eyeglass frames, handmade jewelry, and original artwork. And if you don’t find it here, Ella will be happy to suggest other shops along Second-Hand Alley that may have what you’re after. E’s is open the first and third weekend of every month, but will be open Thanksgiving weekend and every weekend in December.

Junket: Tossed & Found, 41st and Minnehaha
Looking for inspiration? Artists, crafters, collectors, and anyone with an appreciation for quirky design will find a treasure trove of ideas at Junket on 41st and Minnehaha. Owner Julie Kearns and crew celebrated their one-year anniversary on November 16, with a little bit of cake and a big expansion, which bumped up the shop’s square footage from 900 to 2400 and made room for 11 additional vendors.

Kearns’ mission is to keep things out of landfills and place them into the hands of those who will use the items in a creative way. “If we can support people’s Pinterest habits and have fun doing it, then we’re happy,” Kearns explains. At Junket the focus is on the itty bitty pieces—things like sewing notions, sheet music, upcycled pages from old books, discarded picture frames, miscellaneous letters from vintage signs, even the surprisingly colorful handles from garden faucets. Bins of discarded odds and ends may be the focus, but those looking for great second-hand furniture, vintage clothing, and useful items made by Longfellow artists who use upcycled materials won’t be disappointed. Don’t miss Junket’s Grand Expansion Sale on Thanksgiving weekend, and look for more Maker Bee workshops to be held at the shop in the future. Junket will be open every weekend between Thanksgiving and Christmas. In January Junket will return to its first and third weekend of the month schedule.

Paris Antiques, 38th and Minnehaha
Don’t miss Paris Antiques on 3721 Minnehaha, a mainstay in the Longfellow Neighborhood for the past twelve years. Owner Mary Rivers began collecting forty years ago when she went to her first sale with only $9 in her pocket. She left with a carload of vintage furniture and a new-found love for collecting. She has been buying and selling antiques and collectibles ever since.

Stop by to shop for vintage curios, antique furniture, and household collectibles in a wide range of styles including Victorian, mid-century modern, Art Deco, French, and country. Rivers also has a vast collection of vintage costume jewelry. Paris Antiques is open every Friday and Saturday from noon until 6 pm, but will also be open Sundays during the month of December.

About Kari Cornell
Kari Cornell is a freelance writer and editor who has lived in the Longfellow Neighborhood since 1996. She’s a huge fan of vintage collectibles, good food, tinkering in the garden, and making something clever out of nothing. Cornell is the co-author of Growing with Purpose: Forty Years of Seward Community Cooperative and has written a number of cookbooks for kids.

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  1. Jim Mork says:

    What I love about second hand shops is not my love of retro products or antiques. It is the notion that SOME things have second or third or fourth lives. We’ve lived for decades with the notion that once one person has owned something, it has become worthless. I can certainly think of cases where that is quite true. I break things, so often my things emerge worthless from my ownership. On the other hand, some things I buy just turn out to be less useful for me than I thought when I made the buying decision. My experience with Freecycle shows that a huge percentage are very attractive to scads of people. If we keep passing it along, it will ultimately reach its end of usefulness which is really where an item should be retired. Not everyone is a “breaker” like me. And if some soul can make a viable business, that’s that much better. Vision and energy are the ultimate fountain of prosperity. So I’m applauding all these entrepreneurs and hoping some of them are around for awhile.

  2. mark erickson says:

    You forgot to mention TNT, (this and that) on 39th and Minnehaha ave. a nice shop.

    • Rebekah says:

      Hi Mark,

      Look for our coverage of TNT and a few other vintage shops on Second-Hand Row in our second installment in the series, which will be posted tomorrow.


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