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True Thai Closure Temporary

On Monday (10/7), City Pages reported that True Thai on E. Franklin Avenue had closed its doors. The magazine had received an anonymous tip from a former employee that stated, “Was told at 11:00 last night that True Thai was closing, supplies were being moved out of the premises.”

We stopped by the restaurant on Tuesday (10/8) to see if we could find out more information, and were greeted by a sign at the front door that stated, “Thank you very much for your patronage! We will re-open soon. Please visit us at for updates. We appreciate your support as we transition.”

While the restaurant is indeed closed for the time being, it appears that it will only be temporary.


The temporary closure comes on the heels of news of a legal dispute between the owners of True Thai and a former manager Corey Whitchurch. While the details of the dispute have not yet been resolved, owner Anna Fieser did tell City Pages that the restaurant was facing serious financial difficulty, and she was unsure if True Thai would be able to stay open. She stated that she was considering downsizing and focusing service on take-out and delivery.

Calls to True Thai were not answered and further details are not yet available on the restaurant’s website. We will follow the story and post updates as they become available.

True Thai is located at 2627 E. Franklin Ave, Minneapolis.

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  1. kim says:

    you might not want to take true thai at their word, with no other investigation. according to the seward business association–which includes seward redesign, who owns the building–it sounds like they are closed for real..

    • Rebekah says:

      Thanks for the link Kim. I hadn’t seen that post. I’m looking into it.


      • Kim says:

        Also–I work right by there so drove by it today. It appears to be CLOSED–signs down, equipment and furniture taken out, etc. It looks like it is definitely over :(

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