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Five Missing Girls: Found

The five girls that went missing after school on Monday (9/30), have been found according to the Minneapolis Police Department.

The girls were between the ages of 11 and 13, and MPD believed that they ran away together.  The five were last seen at Seward Montessori on Monday afternoon.

On Tuesday night at 8:45, search crews reported that all five girls had been found. At 9:51, the MPD confirmed the information.

We will update with details as they are available.

Update 10/3/13:

The five girls had planned to run away, possibly to Chicago, according to the Star Tribune. By Tuesday evening, two of the girls had decided they wanted to go back home and placed a call to a friend from a pay phone. They then made another call from a residence in St. Paul. Family members rushed to pick up the girls.

However, three of the girls were still missing.

They were found in the Sears parking lot near the State Capitol. “We saw three girls and three backpacks and we made a beeline right to them,” Emily Heagle, one of the girls’ aunt, told the Tribune. “I told them ‘We love you. Oh my God, we’re happy to see you. Get in the car. We’re taking you home,’ ” she said. They had been planning to walk to Wisconsin.

“The girls had no idea there were fliers being posted, that the police were looking and their faces were on the news,” she said. They didn’t understand the seriousness of it all, she said.


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