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Building Community: One Story at a Time


There have been so many inspiring stories and fun events from the neighborhood, it’s hard to know which were our favorites to cover.

One year ago, we set out to bring daily news to our neighbors in Longfellow and Seward. What we didn’t realize at the time was what a whirlwind of experiences we were stepping into. It’s an honor to meet so many of the amazing people that make up our community and tell their story. But, really, it’s the community’s story – and the one thing we’ve found is that most everyone we meet is working to make our neighborhood better – in big and small ways. So keep it up! Y’all are an inspiration.

We plan on keeping up our end of the bargain – sharing great stories and working to connect neighbors to make our community stronger. Be sure to keep up with all of the latest news:

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Community Partners

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Top 10 Stories from the Year

Have you seen these stories? If not, check them out. What were your favorites stories from the year?

  1. Sign Painters: Painting the World They Want to See
  2. Verdant Tea: Leaves, Water, and a Good Brew
  3. Forage: Behind the Scenes
  4. Longfellow Market plans to open on East Lake Street, project update
  5. Botanical Art School Moves to Longfellow
  6. Cooperation is for Everyone: A Look at the Seward Co-op
  7. Treasures are Found at Junket
  8. Minnehaha Avenue Reconstruction: Cycle Tracks or Bike Lanes?
  9. Growing Lots Urban Farm: Growing in the Least Likely of Places
  10. The Beez Kneez Honey House: What Everyone’s Buzzing About

We’re looking forward to our second year of great events, great neighbors, and great stories!

Rebekah & Mitch

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  1. Laura Mylan says:

    Is this the one-year anniversary of My Broadsheet? Time flies when you do great work. Congratulations on providing a valuable service for our community. I look forward to many years of excellent community reporting to come!

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