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Minne-Hop-Hop a Big Draw for Kids

Minneapolis Parks knows how to throw a great party for kids, and the Minne-Hop-Hop Egg Hunt was no exception. In spite of the pouring rain early Saturday morning, the park was packed with kids and their parents. Kids could meet Peter Rabbit, do a bunny nose craft, have treats, play games, bounce in a bouncy house, pet animals in the petting zoo, and collect eggs in the egg hunt.

Children wait for the egg hunt to begin

Kids wait as patiently as they can for the egg hunt to begin.


Children race to collect eggs

After much anticipation, the hunt is on!


A girl gathers eggs during the egg hunt

Wearing her bunny nose, a girl collects eggs during the hunt.


Boy picks up a plastic egg during the egg hunt.

A boy fills his basket.


Large collection bin of plastic eggs

The eggs were recycled for a few rounds so that all of the kids had a chance to pick up eggs.


Man distributes eggs for the egg hunt

A staff person throws eggs for the hunt as eager kids followed behind picking them up.

A girl pets a rabbit

A girl gets to meet this bunny at the petting zoo. The zoo also had goats, ducks, chickens, and a pot-bellied pig for the children to pet.


A boy pets a pot-bellied pig

A boy reaches to pet a pot-bellied pig through the fence.

Girl pets chickens

Two girls with a goat and chicken.

Three girls chase bubbles

Girls chase bubbles at Minne-Hop-Hop.

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  1. DJA says:

    Fun photos of the kids hunting for eggs! Makes me want to have little kids again so I could join in the fun….

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