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Parka Opens!

Front entrance of Parka in Minneapolis

Yesterday Parka opened its doors for business. The place was buzzing with activity, and had been all morning according to Parka Manager Joshua Cook. Parka is still working out some kinks as it finds its groove, and plans to have its official opening night in a few weeks.

A coffee shop in the morning (starting at 7 AM), you can run in for an espresso to go or you can sit and stay awhile. Parka serves Dogwood Coffee and tea from the Tea Source. At 11 AM, Parka begins lunch service. Find a spot at the bar facing the open kitchen, a booth, table, or take in the sunshine at the bar along the window. Dinner service runs from 5 PM until 10 PM. You can still stop in though for a coffee to go or to pick up a loaf of Rustica bread.

If you’ve been to Victory 44 in North Minneapolis, you won’t be surprised by Parka’s offerings. Chef Erik Harcey has arranged a menu that riffs on delicious comfort foods – goulash, glazed spare ribs, pot roast, and beer can chicken. The menu notes that veg dishes are available, and according to Parka’s Facebook page Harcey is working on expanding veg options.

Parka is a collaboration between Chef Erik Harcey of Victory 44, Rustica Bakery, and Dogwood Coffee. Brownsmith Restoration was the contractor for Parka and is also working on the upcoming Blue Door Longfellow (incidentally they also own both buildings). Michael Smith and James Brown, the two behind Brownsmith Restoration, are also the owners of Forage – busy guys!


Parka serves Dogwood Coffee.


 A variety of Rustica bread and pastries are available to take home or eat in.

Dogwood Coffee at Parka in Minneapolis

 Wall of goodies. Pick up Dogwood coffee, Rustica cookies, or a Parka mug.




 An awesome work of chalk art by Bear Fox Chalk.


 A view of Parka from Forage. While separate businesses and spaces, you can still browse Forage’s shop while sipping a coffee.

Parka is located at 4023 E. Lake Street, Minneapolis.


  1. Jim Mork says:

    Goulash! Now I will have to go

    • Rebekah says:

      Let us know what you think if you try it out. It would be interesting to see what their take on goulash is. Half of the fun I’ve found with Harcey’s food is ordering something that sounds plain jane and seeing what kind of spin they put on it.

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