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New Four-Way Stop: 42nd Ave & 35th St

The corner of 42nd Ave and 35th St in Longfellow.

The intersection of 42nd Avenue and 35th Street will soon become a four-way stop.

 Update (1/16/13, 2:20 PM): The new stop sign has been installed. Be sure to cross the street carefully until motorists get used to the new signage.

Peering around parked cars to look for oncoming traffic will soon be a thing of the past at 42nd Avenue and 35th Street. The City of Minneapolis will be installing a stop sign, making the intersection a four-way stop.


This past fall, Safe Routes to School (SRS) conducted a review of the intersection and found that due to current traffic levels (3,700 vehicles per day on 42nd Ave S and 2,000 vehicles per day on 35th St E), a four-way stop needed to be installed to meet state traffic control standards. As reported by Council Member Colvin Roy, an SRS Traffic Engineer stated that the four-way stop will “improve traffic flow and provide positive right-of-way control for drivers near the school and is appropriate given the traffic volumes and history of crashes.”


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