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Handgun Confiscated at Seward Montessori, students and staff safe

This morning (12/19/12) Seward Montessori reported to police that a staff member was keeping a gun in a locked locker. The police confiscated the gun and removed the person from the school. The staff person has been placed on administrative leave. The school stayed in code yellow operations for the remainder of the day, requiring students to remain in their classrooms until school was over.

The school believes that the staff person was not a threat to the school or the safety of the students. No students witnessed the police activity and teachers did not discuss the issue with students.

The Star Tribune reported that someone at the school saw the loaded handgun an hour after the school day began and alerted school administration. According to the paper, the person did have a permit to carry. However, bringing a gun onto school property is against the law, even if the person has a permit.

For more information, visit the Seward Montessori website.

* Edited 12/20/12: This article incorrectly referenced a conceal and carry permit, this has been updated to reflect the correct terminology, which is permit to carry. Thank you Hal for the clarification.

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  1. Hal Davis says:

    There is no “conceal and carry” permit in Minnesota. It’s a “permit to carry a pistol.”

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