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Warm Response to Parka at Hearing

Community members were enthusiastic about Parka’s upcoming opening on East Lake Street at last night’s Public Hearing at the Third Precinct. The Hearing was to a chance for community members to provide input on Parka’s request to obtain a Wine and Strong Beer (which is beer with more than 3.2% alcohol) license.


Neighbors said that they were looking forward to having a new business move into the area, and having another vacancy filled on East Lake Street.


A couple of residents stated that they were initially concerned about losing street parking and late night noise from the restaurant. However, Julie Casey, lead license inspector at the City of Minneapolis’ Business Licensing office, explained that the restaurant would only be open until 10 PM, outdoor seating would be in the front of the restaurant, and parking spaces would be available behind the restaurant. Hearing the plans for Parka from Casey reduced apprehension about the restaurant’s impact on the neighborhood. “My fears have been allayed,” said one neighbor.


Both Dan Anderson, co-owner of Dogwood Coffee and partner in Parka, and James Brown, co-owner of Brownsmith Restoration, attended the meeting and stated they were eager to work with neighbors and have a positive impact on the neighborhood.


Next Step
Comments received from the community will be presented to the City Council. The Council will then decide if they will approve the license request.


About Parka

Parka will be located at 4023 East Lake Street and is a collaboration between Rustica Bakery, Dogwood Coffee, and Chef Erick Harcey of Victory 44. It will open at 6:30 AM for coffee and bakery items, and the full kitchen will open at 8 AM. It will serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner and feature locally-sourced food. According to Anderson, Parka is expected to open by January 7th.


  1. Liz Peterson says:

    Any info on whether Parka will be open weekends? Looking forward to another new restaurant in the neighborhood–especially with locally sourced food!

    • Rebekah says:

      Yes, I believe it will be open weekends. I’ve heard it will have a similar format to Victory 44 in North Minneapolis.

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